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Welcome to Bad Brothers Racing
Home of the Jet Powered YSR Build

April 27th 2007
The site has been updated!
There are now 4 new updated sections to the site, starting at Section 28. This time around we get the bike ready plumbed, ready for testing, and we even reveal the name of the bike and what the paint scheme will be! What are you waiting for? Read the updates now!

Older Headlines

New Project

There is a new project on the way to the Bad Bros Garage. A top secret project! The Bad Bros Skunk Works is a reality and the new project will be built in the dark until a point in which we are ready to release more information.

Watch closely, and keep an eye out for hints and secrets as to what the new project will be. You may just get a peek into an area that is as secretive as Area 51!

What is a Skunk Works?


Jet Bike Build

The bike is currently undergoing testing of the systems and is better than we expected.

4 new updates starting at section 28 are available, along with tons of videos and a very special tribute dedication. Get inside and check it all out right now!




Chevy Nova Project

The Chevy Nova project is started. It will run concurrently with the Jet Bike Build to keep down time in the shop to a minimum. From what we've seen so far, this car will be killer! Of course, we are biased since we are building it.

Update 4 is in, and we are pulling the rear end to narrow the springs and get some wide tires under the car. Watch as the rear end is deconstructed.


Tesla Coil Project

I have been wanting to build one of these for some time, and thanks to one of our ingenious sponsors, I will finally have the opportunity. The Tesla Coil is a high energy coil capable of throwing small lightning bolts from the top. How big can you build one? We are going to find out!

This project is currently on hold for the moment while the jet bike takes precedence.


Merchandise & Contest

Bad Brothers Merchandise is finally available. Check it out on the merchandise page or by clicking the image above. The contest is open to all viewers of the site, and is a way for you to get exposure on the web for your crazy creations! If you have ever wanted to showcase your own projects, now is the time.


The site needs you!

We would like to thank all the viewers of the site. In this new year, we will strive to bring many new projects to the table, and will even be taking suggestions from you with polls to find out what you would like to see us build.

To better help us bring you these great projects, we ask you to read the Donation Page and see if there is any thing you can do to help. We appreciate all the help we can get to keep bringing you the site.


Do you have these?

If you manufacture or sell vehicles like the Suntrike pictured here, please contact Bad Brothers Racing for info on a new project. Remember that all donations to the site are fully tax deductible towards advertising expenses. Contact us today to find out how to become part of the site that is shaping up to be a legend on the internet.


Bad Brothers would like to thank our sponsors. Their tireless efforts and belief in our abilities makes it possible for us to bring you these great projects. Please visit the sponsor pages today and support these great companies.



4 new updates to the jet bike!:
If you have been waiting, now is the chance to see what has been happening in the garage. The jet bike has 4 new updates! Start reading here with Section 28

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Chevy Nova:
The underside of the car has been removed to make way for the new 4 link suspension and frame assembly. Welding of the frame and cage will start soon.

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